how much does a chiropractor cost las vegas

How much do chiropractors in Las Vegas cost?

The Truth About chiropractor Costs

A little bit of a loaded question.

There are many variables to figuring out what you will pay for going to see the chiropractor:

  1. Where are you looking for service?
  2. What type of pain are you experiencing?
  3. What is the length and frequency of treatment needed?
  4. Will any of your visit be covered by insurance?

Any or all of the factors listed above could play into what you would be required to pay out of pocket for chiropractic care.

Chiropractor prices vary greatly and since the treatment is based on a diagnosis of your pain on a personal level, the range is anywhere from $34 – $200 dollars per session, which really doesn’t help narrow down payment possibilities in individual cases.

Average Cost of Chiropractor Doesn’t Matter!

Just like with most professions, it is possible to pay a premium amount and yet have the treatment plan not solve your issue. On the other side you could just as easily be seen at the cheapest clinic in the area and receive stellar treatment.

The thing that matters to most people experiencing the type of problem that would cause them to seek out a chiropractor, would be finding a plan that works in reducing their pain.

In chiropractic care – one size does not fit all!

There are many options for types of treatments available to patients and it is important to pick a chiropractor that has a proven ability to solve your unique needs.

Ok, so that explains why the price of care wasn’t a good indicator of successful treatment, but what is?

One thing that is critical to getting the care that you need is seeking out real client testimonials that prove success.

You should take the time to do the research. Find friends that have a recommendation or even read the reviews online to find out what other people have experienced.

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractors?

It is a total myth that chiropractors won’t be covered by insurance.

While some offices operate solely on a cash basis, others do take insurance. It may be possible to not have to pay anything out of pocket.

Why not try to get the visit paid for by insurance first?

Here at ALIGNOLOGY, we do take certain types of insurance. Feel free to call and inquire to see if you will be covered.

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Cost Of Chiropractor After Car Accident?

Unfortunately, the cost of a chiropractor after a car accident depends on many different factors.

There are many ways that a chiropractor can reduce soreness and improve back pain.

The worse the car accident is, the higher likelihood that a person will benefit from a  manual adjustment or treatment plan.

A primary care doctor may just prescribe a painkiller, but ultimately that could be putting a bandaid on a larger and deeper issue, which is where a spinal adjustment may be helpful.

In addition, it is also fairly common to ask for chiropractic care from the responsible insurance company as part of the treatment after a car accident, so if needed, make sure to look unto adding it to a personal injury claim.

Try to get it covered first, especially if you were not at fault for the accident.

If it won’t be covered, then the bill will be determined by the treatment plan prescribed which should include details about:

  1. How often you would need additional sessions
  2. What treatments the session would entail (adjustments only or other therapies)
  3. The length of the treatment after the initial consultation (weeks, months, years)

Cost Of Chiropractor Out Of Pocket?

Overall, a chiropractor will utilize certain manipulations (possibly in addition to other types of therapies) and thus remove the irritation within your body causing pain.

Some patients feel relief after just one session and others may need to continually return in order to experience long-term success. This simple fact makes it difficult to predict how much you will need to pay out of pocket.

Ask Yourself: “Is My Chiropractor Scamming Me?”

Don’t fall for it!

Be aware that not all chiropractors are created equal.

Just like with other professions, there are some that will truly have the patient’s best interest at heart and there are some that will try and run up the bill with unnecessary appointments.

Some doctors will try and have a patient come as often as 3-4 times a week for treatment. This can not only be expensive but for most cases this frequency is not even needed to fix the issues.

Our practice uses the NUCCA procedure and their practice principles deem that clients only make appointments a few times a year, but are still able to achieve optimal results to help increase quality of life.

Why waste your time going to extra treatment sessions when they are unnecessary?

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