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Pediatric Chiropractor Benefits

Many people don’t think that chiropractic is necessary for children.   But, here’s the truth: Chiropractic is just as important for children as for adults, and often more so.  At birth, the act of being born can be very traumatic for the baby. During birth, the upper cervical spine may be stretched more than normal causing a misalignment or subluxation. This interference to a healthy nervous system function should be removed as soon as possible so the baby can function at an optimal level. So, what are the benefits? 

  • Can improve sleep quality throughout childhood
  • Can reduce & calm colic (excessive crying in babies and infants)
  • Can reduce the risk of ear infections, which are common in young children
  • Can help children with Autism
  • Can reduce the risk of digestive problems moving forward
  • Can help mitigate growing pains, which are often very painful for young children.
  • Can reduce scoliosis symptoms and reduce the risk of scoliosis worsening
  • Can help reduce or eliminate allergies (which are high in the Las Vegas valley)
  • Can benefit children with ADD/ADHD

 How does chiropractic help? Our chiropractors practice NUCCA chiropractic, which is a specialized form that only 300 practitioners are licensed for worldwide. An infant or young child does not have the amount of stress of an adult. Also, their muscles are not fully developed.  These factors mean that the adjustment is very light. With the NUCCA Procedure, the pressure used to adjust an infant is no more than a doctor taking your pulse. Infants and children are also more resilient and quicker to respond to chiropractic care as they heal at a much faster rate than an adult.

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We Make It Fun For Your Child

Going to a chiropractor and getting “adjusted” can be a scary thing for a young child. Our head NUCCA chiropractor, Dr. James LeFever, has a son of his own. He creates an environment that is welcoming, fun, comfortable, and safe for your child. While he focuses on making sure your child has a great experience, he is also a renowned chiropractor that ensures your child will get the level of treatment that he/she needs.

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