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Oxygen Water Therapy! Kaqun: Water and More

Kaqun water represents an absolutely unique advancement in water technology, leading to a specific treatment process that enables oxygen to be absorbed by the body to a greater extent. The Kaqun technology transforms dissolved oxygen into a stabilized form. Kaqun water is the only currently known water that has undergone more than ten years of clinical and laboratory research.

Established in 2016

For more than ten years, all-natural and additive-free Kaqun water has been tested to produce measurable increase in cellular oxygen levels. Unlike other oxygenated water that rapidly loses their oxygen to the atmosphere, Kaqun water is not made by pumping oxygen into water. Instead, the oxygen-rich water is produced via a proprietary process where oxygen exists in a stable and bound form that can be beneficially harnessed by the body.

Oxygen & Health

Oxygen and Health Oxygen is essential to all bodily functions. The body can only survive a few minutes without oxygen, and approximately 90% of our body’s energy is generated by oxygen. KAQUN drinking water helps the body recover from hypoxia (low oxygen in cells) and energizes from within.

Living Water

KAQUN drinking water is an oxygen-rich, alkaline water with a refreshing, smooth taste. Made from spring water of extremely high purity, a special proprietory process enables this water to maintain high oxygen levels in a unique, stable form that can be easily absorbed by your body. KAQUN drinking water hydrates and reinvigorates, recharging you from within.

Water Therapy

For over 10 years, KAQUN System has been conducting official studies in Hungary by accredited universities, governmental institutes and laboratories. Water Therapy offers a much higher oxygen-concentrated form of KAQUN water, allowing rapid absorption of oxygen through the skin and directly to the cells,


Many who have experienced consistent KAQUN Water Therapy have repeatedly celebrated their results to have:

  1. Reduced side effects of chemo and radiation therapies
  2. Significantly reduced healing time of wounds and injuries
  3. Minimized and even healed chronic skin conditions
  4. Enhanced skin texture and radiance, reducing signs of aging
  5. Maximized effects/results of athletic work-outs/competitions
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