Neck Sofa

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The Neck Sofa® is a revolutionary new neck pillow concept, designed by Gabriel. Part neck brace, part neck pillow, the Neck Sofa® supports the head and neck with great precision using a patented ergonomically designed inner supportive frame surrounded by an ergonomically designed memory foam and covered in a soft removable and washable velour case. Neck Sofa® can be used in up to 12 positions.

Neck Sofa® is recommended by chiropractors for its multiple uses and the support it provides to your head and neck.

Not only is Neck Sofa a Chiropractic Pillow, it is a multiple use pillow that can be used as a Beauty Anti-Aging Pillow too. The Neck Sofa pillow is a perfect pillow to sleep with as a Beauty Anti-Aging Pillow along with many other uses.

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