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Dafne of ALIGNOLOGY & Associates


Health Coordinator

Dafne was born in Sinaloa, Mexico. She is a DACA recipient, first generation college student. She is an energetic and passionate individual. With a background in patient care assisting the elderly and disabled receive medical services, Dafne has always had a love for helping others.

She enjoys the outdoors and staying active from hikes to weight training. The perfect weekend to Dafne is going to the gym, eating a healthy meal and being around those that she loves most. She is also the proud owner of a red nose pitbull, ironically named Blue.

What Health means to Dafne:
Health is the ability to live a life free of limitations. Whether that be mentally, physically, or emotionally. Our bodies are temples and the better we take care of it and listen, the better our quality of life will be.