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Paulina - ALIGNOLOGY & Associates


Case Coordinator

Paulina was born in Westhills, California but spent most of her childhood years in Las Vegas, Nevada. She then moved to Valencia, California to finish her schooling. Following her parent’s divorce she developed a passion for an individual’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors and received a degree in Couple and Family Psychology (CFP).

She recently moved back to Nevada three years ago to be closer to her family. She is the middle child of three sisters who she is extremely close to. Her hobbies include baking, going on new adventures with her boyfriend and their new baby boy, Jayden, and spending time with her loved ones.

What Health means to Paulina: Health isn’t just physical but it is your mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing of life. Health is the empowerment of an individual. Being able to listen to your body and take action. Health is fulfilling life to its fullest potential.