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Rachel Corner - ALIGNOLOGY & Associates


Public Relations Coordinator
Yoga Practitioner

Rachel was born in Southern California and raised in Las Vegas, where she was first introduced to Yoga. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno where she majored in Public Health Science with an emphasis in therapy, addiction treatment and prevention. Her desire to understand the mind-body connection and its link to overall health is what led her on her own holistic wellness journey.

After graduation, Rachel spent the better part of three years living abroad, expanding her own mind and exploring Asia, Europe, and the Americas. During her travels she discovered a deep love for the earth and the healing power of Yoga. Breakthroughs in her own healing encouraged her to begin training and sharing the practice with others. Three years and 600+ hours of yoga training later, Rachel is back home in Las Vegas offering yoga therapy, spiritual guidance and conscious living retreats. Rachel’s worldly experience has allowed her to cultivate understanding and compassion for people of all cultural and demographic backgrounds.

What Health means to Rachel: For Rachel, health goes far beyond what we eat or how often we work out. She recognizes that health care is an individualized and life-long journey. Her approach to yoga therapy is to create a space where clients feel empowered and inspired to cultivate a personalized practice to fit their lifestyle and reach their goals. Rachel believes that understanding the inner landscape of our own mind and emotions, as well as our connection to each other and the world around us is where true healing and growth begins.