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Rita LeFever - ALIGNOLOGY & Associates

Rita LeFever

Director of ALIGNOLOGY
Investigating Health Practitioner

Rita was born & raised in San Diego, California. Her parents were born in the Middle East and she’s first generation in the United States. She’s the only child and claims she is not spoiled ;).

Her English/German Step-Father raised her with her Mom since she was a child and taught her a lot about serving others through his military service and service as a police officer. She has always had a passion to help others. She decided to follow her Father’s footsteps and enlist in the Air Force Reserves after high school.

She met her husband Dr. James LeFever in Las Vegas. They have 3 amazing kids together, Liam, Mila and Jaci who all keep them on their toes, especially the baby girl!

Rita has over 20 years of leadership development and training through the Air Force and City of Henderson. Prior to her becoming Director of ALIGNOLOGY™ & Associates, she resigned from the City of Henderson after serving there for 15 years.

Rita is a Stage IIIA Breast Cancer Survivor who found breast cancer at the age of 34 years old. She underwent surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and extensive holistic / integrative medicine care. Through this journey, she developed a passion to help others through energy therapy/muscle testing called Investigating Health. Energy therapy was very instrumental in getting Rita through the emotional and mental aspect of her Cancer recovery.

Rita’s passion and goals are to help educate people to prevent degenerative diseases through their own health journey!

What Health means to Rita: Having the right balance between the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional connections. When one is compromised, it will impair the others state and well-being. Love and time for God, relaxation, body healing, and self love are key components to being balanced and having them all work synergistically.