Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is extremely important. A woman’s body undergoes many changes in the 40 weeks of a pregnancy. All of the changes have an affect on the spine and nervous system. One of the hormones that increases significantly is Relaxin, a hormone that causes the ligaments and spine to be more flexible and prone to misalignments or subluxations. Because of this, the NUCCA spinal adjustment is important to help stabilize the spine, hips and pelvis and remove nerve interference. This aids the mother’s body functions so the baby’s development can proceed without interference.

Chiropractic also helps with some common complaints of pregnancy such as nausea and heartburn. Women who have received chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy tend to have shorter and less painful labor. Along with the spinal adjustments, Dr. LeFever will suggest exercises to relax and strengthen certain muscles to help during labor as well as throughout the term of pregnancy.

Many women seek a chiropractor when they find out their baby is in the breech position. When this is the case, a sacral subluxation commonly exists (i.e. a misalignment of the tailbone). There are ligaments attaching the uterus to the sacrum. Any misalignment or tension in the uterus may cause tension on the uterus causing constraints so the baby cannot move freely into the proper position for birth. This problem and breech presentation at birth are less likely to occur with regular chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy. Adjusting the upper cervical spine and uterine constraints is crucial to the baby’s development and to the structural position of the mom’s spine.

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