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VanquishME is a FDA approved, non-invasive, non-contact Radiofrequency (RF) device designed to destroy up to ¼ gallon of excess midsection fat. The number of fat cells in adults is finite; they do not grow back.  VanquishME covers the largest target area of any fat-destroying technology in the industry.  Four sessions of VanquishME have been shown to reduce abdominal circumference from, on average, 1.75 inches up to 5 inches. It has a 92% patient satisfaction rating.  The device is unique in that it is entirely non-invasive. It uses radiofrequency to heat fat tissue extending across the target area without touching the patient. The patient lies comfortably on a table while the device emanates controlled RF thermal energy to the designated area. It heats the skin to 101 degrees and the fat underneath to 113-115 degrees. A few weeks later, the lymphatic system eliminates the dead fat cells, naturally removing excess fat.  It can destroy fat in the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks, hips, buttocks and arms. 

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Your fat is selectively targeted and disrupted via thermal (heat) energy. The treatment session is approximately 45 minutes and pleasant. VanquishME uses radiofrequency energy with an adjustable panel which hovers over the targeted unwanted fat area.

How does VanquishME work?

The energy passes through the skin and creates oscillatory movements of the molecules within the fat cells, heating them. This leads to fat cell death, called apoptosis.  Other tissues are left relatively untouched due to their physiological makeup, with the exception of skin, which, as an added bonus, may become tighter due to a process called neocollagenesis (new collagen and elastic fibers).

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Who is a good candidate for VanquishME?

Adults that have areas of unwanted fat that do not want to undergo surgery are ideal. Individuals that are already physically active and can adhere to a healthy diet are also a good fit.  In general, people who are between 25-45 BMI (body mass index), depending on body type.   Note:  BMI is not an accurate means of determining fat mass in bodybuilders.

What areas of the body can be treated with VanquishME?

Treatment with VanquishME is intended to destroy fat in the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks, hips, buttocks and arms.

What does VanquishME feel like and does it hurt?

There is a gentle, mild warming sensation during treatment. It feels similar to having a heating pad placed over the target area. It is not painful and the patient’s comfort level is monitored during the treatment.

How long is a treatment session? How many treatments will I need?

A VanquishME treatment session goes for 45 minutes. VanquishME’s clinical studies were based on a total of four weekly sessions. Results may vary and some patients may require more treatments or wish to undergo additional series of treatments to target additional areas of the body.

What should I expect following VanquishME treatment?

Patients experience, on average, approximately 1.75 inches of fat loss off their waist circumference according to clinical studies. Some patients have been shown to lose up to 5 inches!  Results do vary from person to person.  In general, the more “pinchable” fat that the device covers, the more fat that will be destroyed.  One of the benefits of this device is the even distribution of fat destruction.  Other forms of fat destruction (such as those that freeze the fat cells) can cause a lumpy, uneven appearance as well as unwanted side effects.  Studies show that VanquishME has a 92% satisfaction rating.

What happens to the fat cells after they are treated by VanquishME?

Fat cells that go through apoptosis are broken down by our own body’s scavenger cells. These are filtered through the lymphatic system, metabolized by the liver, and then finally eliminated from the body.  This process may take approximately 3-4 months.

Who is a poor candidate for VanquishME?

People with a metal or implantable device should not be treated with VanquishME. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should also not undergo treatment with VanquishME.

Is VanquishME safe? Are there any side effects of the VanquishME treatment?

VanquishME is safe as validated by animal and human studies. There are very few side effects from a VanquishME treatment. During treatment, the patient’s skin may become warm causing a little perspiration that can attract heat, leading to an increased heat sensation. Patients are carefully monitored during treatment and excess sweat is removed mid-way through the VanquishME treatment.  The most common side-effect is mild reddening of the skin (erythema) which resolves in a few minutes to hours.

Can VanquishME hurt my skin or internal organs?

VanquishME is very safe and has built-in safety measures to ensure that patient comfort and health during treatment is secured. The high-frequency nature of the device preferentially targets the fat in the body. Skin, sweat glands, muscle, hair follicles, and internal organs are not affected by the treatment, as shown in clinical studies of the VanquishME device.

Is fat loss permanent following VanquishME treatment?

VanquishME causes fat cells to undergo apoptosis (fat cell death). Adults do not grow new fat cells to replace those that have been removed.  The destroyed cells become permanently eliminated. As long as diet and weight are maintained, the results following VanquishME are most likely going to be permanent.  A 4 year follow-up study confirmed that subjects maintained approximately 75% of the change in abdominal circumference.  Note: fat cells enlarge with poor diet and lack of exercise, not because they grow back.  

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